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Picked this up in one of the giant charity bundles and enjoyed this short but sweet VN.

I just have one question about the setting (encoded via ROT13 so as to avoid spoilers for anyone who doesn't want to see it):

Qbrf guvf gnxr cynpr ba Ornhfbyrvy Vfynaq va Trbetvna Onl Vfynaqf Angvbany Cnex va Bagnevb?

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it! You're totally correct with your question :)

Hooray!  I'll have to visit it sometime.  Seems like a great place to enjoy nature!


I picked this randomly out of a bundle and liked it a lot! Very cute!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I can't play! It just says that and i don't know what to do, anyone can help me?

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Can you send a screenshot of the specific error message you're getting? What operating system are you on? If it's easier for you, you could email me (parttimestorier at gmail) and I'll see if I can help you sort it out.

thank you!


i wasn't surprised by the queer representation in this, but the poly twist towards the end WAS a (pleasant!) surprise. well done!


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! That's what I was aiming for. :)


Loved this super cute game! Definitely recommend checking it out if you have an hour to spare. The character dialogue is where this game really excels, you can't help but root for some of them!

Great job Jane! <3

Thanks so much!